Welcome to Hatimitubunbun Japanese Acupuncture Clinic

Acupuncture・Moxibustion・Counseling about Traditional Chinese & Japanese Medicine

・For the pain you want to cure quickly. - backache, strained back, shoulder pain, knee pain,Stiff neck, etc,

・When you are tired all the time,

・" I'm pregnant, so I cannot take some medicine, or I want to be cured without any medicines"

・Your doctor said that you will not recover your health,

・Taking part in sports, you tend to strain your body,

・" I have an infertility problem, but I want my baby "

・Menstrual problem is terrible. -PMS, irregular cycle, painful periods, etc,

・Face lift for men and women. - anti-aging, removing warts, stain, etc,
If you had these various troubles, please contact us.


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